Emergency service and safety in air transport

Unfortunately, the work of the aviation industry does not do without extraordinary events, to which specialists armed with the appropriate knowledge and skills have to respond. This is the dispatcher of the search and rescue coordination center / the operator of technical means of safety control / the technician of emergency and rescue works.

According to the requirements of the governing documents of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, flights without emergency service and search and rescue support are prohibited. Which gives great importance to the role of specialists of this profile.

The graduation department of this educational program is the department of emergency and rescue, professional and applied physical training and tourism, which has classrooms equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, and for conducting practical classes - specialized training halls and simulators. At the current stage, the educational institution and interested organizations are creating an educational and training center on the basis of the academy, where all the conditions are created at the modern European level for practicing all the specific skills required for reliable, fast and efficient performance of any work related to search, rescue, first aid and others.

The curriculum of this educational program, in addition to general education, contains a cycle of special disciplines that ensure the training of specialists of this profile.

In addition, in the course of training, cadets go to educational and training meetings on autonomous existence and survival and undergo internships in aviation enterprises - in the service of search and emergency rescue support of flights and in the aviation security service of the airport (airline).

In the composition of this specialty, separate components can be distinguished, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • Emergency service and safety on air transport is:
    • - The best basis for work as a flight attendant;
    • - The possibility of working in a wide range of industries, enterprises and workplaces, including in aviation enterprises;
    • - Deep knowledge and mastery of modern information technologies;
  • Airline emergency rescue and fire protection service: shift chief - head of the rescue unit; senior (leading) engineer for emergency and rescue works; head of service;
  • Aviation security service of the airline: aviation security inspector; head of service;
  • Coordination center of search and rescue: dispatcher of the coordination center of search and rescue; head of the search and rescue coordination center;

Each graduate of this specialty can find an interesting and prestigious job according to their own preferences and abilities. At the current stage, specialists in this direction are especially in demand on the labor market, because at the same time as the listed professional competencies, they speak English at a high level.

After graduation, graduates are assigned the educational and qualification level of a bachelor (term of study is 4 years). On the basis of a bachelor's degree, it is possible to obtain a master's degree (term of study 1 year 4 months).