Department of Air Navigation, Meteorology and Air Traffic Management

Those who choose this specialty are prepared to perform a wide range of tasks related to the development of regulatory documents, the preparation of crews for flight, and interaction with other services and organizations. Air navigation support and flight planning refers to the preparation, calculation and provision of data to crews on the ground.

Flight operations officer/dispatcher prepares and processes documents and messages for crews, calculates and plans flights, performs pre-flight preparation of crews (briefing). It is he who becomes the authority that binds together and delivers systematized prepared information to aircraft crews. That is, the safety, efficiency and economic feasibility of each individual flight largely depends on the quality of its work. He must develop and provide the crew with a set of information, taking into account all flight performance factors related to meteorological conditions along the route, at the destination aerodrome and alternate aerodromes, the operation of navigation aids and equipment, airport equipment, the technical condition of the aircraft and its flight characteristics, as well as determining the required amount of fuel to perform the flight, taking into account all of the above conditions.

So the cadets who have chosen this specialty study a wide range of both general education and special disciplines. Future work requires unconditional responsibility, discipline, impeccable command of the English language - the training system for the future employee / flight controller takes into account all this.

Graduates can work:

  • ✓ in the structural subdivisions of the aeronautical information service (international communications department (NOTAM); information department; publications department; cartographic department; aerodrome aeronautical information service (briefing));
  • ✓ in airlines as an employee/flight controller or as an employee of the flight planning and support department;
  • ✓ in commercial departments of airlines.

After graduation, graduates are assigned the educational qualification level of a bachelor (the term of study is 4 years).
On the basis of a bachelor's degree, it is possible to obtain an educational qualification level of a master (the duration of study is 1 year 4 months).