Flight Academy
National Aviation University

first (bachelor) level of higher education
in specialty 081 "Law"
fields of knowledge 08 "Law"
Educational qualification: Bachelor of Law


 1 Profile of the educational and professional programChapter 1 General information


Full name of the higher education institution and structural division

Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
Faculty of Aviation Management
Department of law and social and humanitarian disciplines


The degree of higher education and the title of the qualification in the original language

First (undergraduate)
Bachelor of Law


The official name of the educational program

Legal support of aviation activities


Type of diploma and scope of the educational program

Bachelor's degree, single, 240 ECTS credits, study period 3 years 10 months


Availability of accreditation

The date of issuance of the certificate of accreditation of the educational program is 11.06.2021
Validity of the educational program accreditation certificate 07/01/2026 No. 1775



NRFQEHEA - first cycle, EQFLLL - 6th level, NRK - 6th level



Availability of complete general secondary education. Requirements for entrants are determined by the Rules of admission to the bachelor's educational and professional program.


Language(s) of instruction



The term of validity of the educational program



Internet address of the permanent placement of the description of the educational program

Chapter 2 Purpose of the educational program


The purpose of the program is to prepare bachelors of law who possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills, skills sufficient for successful professional activity, capable of solving complex specialized tasks in the field of law with an understanding of the nature and content of the main legal institutions, the limits of legal regulation of social relations in aviation activity

Chapter 3 Characteristics of the program


Subject area
(field of knowledge, specialty)

Field of knowledge 81 "Law", specialty 081 "Law"


Orientation of the educational program

The program is based on legal doctrines, values ​​and principles that underlie human rights and fundamental freedoms. The program offers a comprehensive approach to mastering basic knowledge about the behavior of individuals and social groups; constructions of law, specifics of aviation activity, interpretation and application of legal norms; features of legal values, foundations of legal principles; the nature and essence of legal institutions, the moral principles of the legal profession, compliance with the requirements of aviation activity.


The main focus of the educational program

The program is intended for the acquisition of professional competences in the field of law, which provides for certain employment and the possibility of further education and career growth. The program allows you to comprehensively study professional-oriented legal disciplines and the specifics of legal practice and legal aviation regulation, to study a foreign business language in depth, taking into account aviation terminology.


Features of the program

In-depth study of professionally oriented disciplines, disciplines of aviation specialization. Conducting part of classes on professionally oriented and selective disciplines during court hearings, on the basis of law enforcement agencies and aviation enterprises, institutions, organizations.

Chapter 4 Suitability of graduates for employment and further education


Suitability for employment

For bachelors in law, the main areas of employment are:
1) judicial and law enforcement bodies: court administrator, court session secretary; state executor, employee of law enforcement agencies;
2) bodies of state power and local self-government: civil service positions of category B 6-9 ranks, positions of employees of local self-government bodies;
3) business entities: legal advisor, legal advisor of an aviation activity entity; archivist, primary positions of specialists and managers in the fields of general and legal competence;
4) self-employed persons: private executor.

Positions according to the National Classifier of Professions DK 003:2010, which can be held by graduates under the conditions of additional (outside the immediate educational program) compliance with professional standards (if available) and the requirements of other regulatory documents:

Lawyer (2421.2); Legal adviser (2429);Responsible secretary of the judicial panel; state executor; clerical (office) employee (non-state institutions of jurisprudence); office worker (insurance); secretary of the court session; court clerk (3432); Secretary of the Judicial Board (3432); Bailiff (3432); Court administrator (3432); Organizers of record keeping (state institutions) (3435.1); Organizers of record keeping (judicial system) (3435.3); Attorney's assistant; notary assistant; assistant notary public; judge's assistant; legal assistant (3436.9); Assistant private detective (3450); Learner; police district inspector; inspector (internal affairs bodies); inquiry inspector; operational officer (3451); Responsible (senior) for the corps (corps department) (penitentiary system); inspector (penitentiary system) (with a bachelor's degree);


Further education

Continue studies at the second (master's) level of higher education; acquisition of additional qualifications in the postgraduate education system.