Educational and professional program “AIRFRAME AND AVIATION ENGINE
The first (Bachelor's) level of higher education
Educational degree – BACHELOR
Educational qualification: Bachelor of Aviation Transport
Duration of training – 3 years 10 months

Educational and professional program “AVIATION TRANSPORT”
The second (Master's) level of higher education
Educational degree - MASTER's DEGREE
Educational qualification: Master of Aviation Transport
Duration of training – 1 year 5 months

(based on a Bachelor's degree)

Training of specialists is carried out based on the State Standards of Higher Education of Ukraine and industry standards, in accordance with the requirements of European standards Part-66/147. Applicants for higher education – future specialists in airframe and aviation engines maintenance and repair study a wide range of both general education and special disciplines, undergo practical training in the training workshops of the Academy’s aviation technical base and practice at the current aircraft maintenance service aircraft both in the academy and at the engineering companies and enterprises of the aviation industry.

Maintenance, diagnostics and aircraft equipment’s repair are: engineering and aviation supplement of the security, safety and flights regularity; maintaining the established level of airworthiness of the operated aircraft; organization, maintenance and repair of aviation equipment in accordance with the operational and repair documentation requirements; collection, accounting and processing of data that was discovered in flight and on the ground, failures and malfunctions of the aviation equipment; analysis of the actual level of reliability of aviation equipment according to the failures and malfunctions data accounting, as well as the results of the technical condition diagnostics and monitoring of the aviation equipment; control of the flight compliance and technical characteristics of aircraft with the rates covered in the flight manuals; development and introduction into production of progressive methods and technologies of maintenance and repair of highly efficient means of maintenance, repair and monitoring of the aviation equipment’s condition; development of improving operational and repair documentations’ proposals; generalization and dissemination of best practices in aviation equipment’s operation and repair.

Upon graduation, alumni receive a state-standard diploma of education from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In case of completing the basic course on Part-147 and internship, the Local Civil Aviation Administration of Ukraine issues a corresponding certificate with qualification marks of aviation personnel for maintenance and repair of airframe and aviation engines.

Our graduate is an aviation engineer who has mastered the system of maintenance of the most complex modern equipment, aircraft, and their engines knowledge, and, if desired, will be able to easily adapt to work in any other branches of technical manufacture and find a job at machine-building enterprises or divisions related to the maintenance of any type of technical devices, structures and mechanisms.