The profession of an air traffic controller is one of the key ones in the work of the aviation industry. It arose at a time when aircraft flights began to take on a mass character and there was a need to control them from the ground, ensuring compliance with certain rules of air traffic and airspace management. This is how the air traffic service system was born, in which the controller performs the most important function of directly influencing the activities of flight crews, the safety and correctness of the movement of their aircraft.

Programme Subject Area 272 Aviation Transport
Educational-Professional Programme “Air Traffic Control”
Professional Qualification (if awarded)
Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller provides aircraft crews with three types of services - control, information, and assistance.

Controls - determines a safe flight path, and then gives permission (or prohibits) to the pilot of the aircraft to take off and land, change altitude or direction of flight.

All aircraft crews and airport services follow his instructions.

Informs - provides information to aircraft pilots that is essential for safe and efficient flight.

Assists - Assists aircraft pilots in the safe termination of flight in emergency situations.

Since there are special requirements for the state of health and professionally important qualities of such specialists, entrants undergo initial medical certification and professional selection (the order and term of which are specified in the Rules of Admission to the Flight Academy of the NAU).

To perform his special professional tasks, an air traffic controller must have not only an impeccable psychophysiological condition, but also a high level of intelligence, deep theoretical knowledge, and stable practical skills. The training of such a specialist includes a wide range of both general education and special disciplines - air traffic management; air traffic control; organization and provision of flights; prevention of aviation events; radio telephony and many others.

The future work also requires unconditional responsibility, discipline, perfect command of the English language - the training system of the future air traffic controller takes all this into account.

The main employer for graduates in Ukraine is the national provider of air navigation services of Ukraine - Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (“UkSATSE”).

The reviews of specialists who have many years of experience in the positions of airfield control tower controller and district control center controller in various regional structural divisions of the UkSATSE can be found by following the link on the company's official website: They are air traffic controllers. Get to know each other!

By the way, among the respondents of the survey there are many graduates of our Flight Academy.

UkSATSE has prepared and offers applicants detailed information about this educational-professional programme, placing it on a special website

Upon completion of studies, graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree (term of study 3 years and 10 months).

On the basis of a bachelor's degree, it is possible to obtain a master's degree (term of study 1 year and 4 months).

The purpose of training under the educational-professional programme is to prepare masters in aviation transport by acquiring theoretical knowledge, abilities, skills and other competencies that ensure their ability to solve complex specialized tasks and problems of aviation transport in the field of air traffic control and/or in the process of training, which involves research and/or innovation and is characterized by the uncertainty of conditions and requirements.

Potential places of employment:

Airlines, airports, aviation engineering companies, handling companies, logistics centers, air transportation sales companies, structural divisions of air navigation service providers, transport divisions of state administration bodies, enterprises, organizations, institutions, transport organizations, industry research institutes (laboratories), research divisions of aviation transport enterprises, institutions of higher education in the field of transport.